Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zelda Wii U would be entitled to a new main enemy

The information has been discovered by surfers who visit the Japanese Nintendo website, we learn that The Legend of Zelda Wii U (working title), which Nintendo has unveiled a short sequence at the last E3, would be entitled to a new main antagonist. In fact, many fans agree that Link will face a new big bad because of his description is made of the game: This software is a new edition of the Wii U Zelda series. Limitless in the World without borders Zelda, a new mystery, a formidable new enemy.
Simple hypothesis fan or real clue? Anyway we not omit one thing, the main enemy does not necessarily mean big bad of an episode that does not exclude the possibility of reviewing other main antagonists of previous games as Ganondorf. We will remember where Xanto Twilight Princess was at the base, just the main but not the big bad enemy. In any case, we will have to wait a few months until we have new information about the game
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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Platinum Games hard bump that Bayonetta 2 will be ready this fall, but that does not stop the studio (especially his partner Nintendo) to deliver a batch of new images from the game 
Tomorrow we find a dozen character already met in the various presentations of this even crazier Subsequently, in which Rodin take for Santa and his Enzo pick up gifts. Most attention will note that the first screenshot Bayonetta is slid in the screenshots, which is not surprising given that it will be offered with the second installment, which buys canned or download.


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BLOK DROP U Wii U offers SHIFT with 20 levels and a translation

BLOK U DROP, title RCMADIAX is available for a few weeks on our Wii U eShop for £ 1.29 / € 1.49. One of the main flaws of the game is that it is fairly short. The game is so fast additive that makes the tour, which also explains its relatively low price. But the company provides a free update that will include 20 new levels. Icing on the cake, the game will be translated into French! 

I leave you with the announcement Miiverse and our liveplay: 

Hello everyone! I am currently working on an update for BLOK DROP U which will include a further 20 steps. This update will also add four additional languages ​​for the game for a total of five (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish). More information will be communicated at a later date. Thank you for your continued support!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ubisoft: "Wii U can succeed if it is sold at the right price"

With an encouraging E3 and Mario Kart 8, which is a hit, the Wii U currently booming. But she manage to keep compete? Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, seems to believe, but on one condition ... 

"With Mario Kart Wii U took a step forward, and we expect even more with Smash Bros. If Nintendo puts the console at the right price, they will probably have a chance to go forward. "

Moreover, Guillemot says he is ready to invest in the machine if sales continue this momentum.

« Nous avons Watch Dogs et Just Dance qui arrivent cette année. Nous avons aussi un autre jeu dans les tuyaux qui sortira quand plus de consoles auront été vendues.»

In short, the coming months will be crucial for the future of the Wii U as they determine the amount of investment publishers.
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The emulator Dolphin tackles the Wii U

While the Wii U is just starting to sell thanks to the arrival of Mario Kart 8, and some people are looking at the hack of the console, which is Carlkenner announces the development of the first emulator Wii U version Unofficial Dolphin. Currently in its infancy, if the project becomes as important as the Wii version, the rendering will risk interest many people.

"I started Adding Wii U to Support the Dolphin emulator.
Currently it can Recognize your Wii U games (in addition to your GameCube and Wii games) Either in WUD or ISO format Recognize what area it is, what size it is, get the game ID, and MOST importantly read the file system and extract files for all partitions except the game partition. Also it lets you open RPX files, altho They Do not Load Correctly.
It can only find the scores and read the file system for games Where the title key has-been released. Do not ask me how to rip your games from your WiiU, because i do not know, But Some people sccm to manage it.

Currently this is only Useful for hackers Have you want to examine the update partition (I Heard Some feat authors wanted binaries), or collectors Have you want to show off Their list of games, or people Have you are curious what's on Those discs, or people Have you want to work on emulating the Wii U.

The source code is on github here (requires Visual Studio 2013 or if you are on linux you need to modify the May build system to include the extra files in the DiscIO module):

There is a bug with at least 3 of the file names are SM3DW, Where the names are not read Correctly, All which I believe is Caused by the filenames Being split across the cluster boundary. Which means clustering there is probably a bug aussi All which corrupts Reviews some of the contents of other files Where That Happens. So do not Rely on queues Being 100% accurate. The files I can Understand Whose formats, like gold app.xml update.inf.USA, sccm to be working perfectly (All which is an Especially Good Sign Because Those files are garbled Actually When you decrypt the Entire disc image with OpenSSL, at least one SM3DW).

I hope this Will Provide a starting spot for other people want to work on Have you Adding Wii U to Support Dolphin. I believe the next step shoulds be to try to get RPX files to load and to be viewable in Dolphin's debugger (use the command line option-d I think). Then we can work on getting a simple hello world rpx files to work with high level emulation of SDK functions."

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

E3. Bayonetta 2 included with Wii U

La sorcière à lunettes revient très bientôt sur Wii U. Nombre de ses fans regrettaient une suite sur une console Nintendo après des débuts sur PS3 et Xbox 360. Un petit cadeau devrait "calmer" tout le monde.

Après une bande-annonce tout à fait sympathique de ce tant attendu second volet, voilà qu'on a pu apercevoir notre héroïne dans des tenues de Princess Peach ou de Samus Aran, au coeur des décors du premier épisode.

Bizarre ? Nope. Le chapitre original sera inclus d'office avec Bayonetta 2. Genre: "tout l'univers de Bayonetta dans un seul pack". 16 en anglais au Bac, les enfants.

On rappelle : vous botterez des culs à coups de talons à guns à partir d'octobre 2014 - meilleur mois de l'année - sur Wii U uniquement.
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